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cinnamonxbuns's Journal

Pickles the Drummer
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I'm Pickles the Drummer, percussionist for Dethklok, former vocalist and lead guitarist for Snakes N Barrels. I live in Mordhaus with my band, thousands of hooded guards and our Manager. I'm from Tomahawk, Wisonson and I gotta say I fuckin hate my parents and my douchebag ex-con brother. I lived out in L.A. for awhile when I was with Snakes N Barrels, but they're all locked away in a nut house now. I like to drink alot, and sometimes I'm jest too drunk to do anything. But I havent had any liver transplants yet... as far as I know. I hate comedy and I hate Christian Rock. I hate the fans too. Jest take some, ya know, kids scissors and fuckin cut yer tongue. Use nickles, guys.

This is an RPG Journal for Pickles the Drummer from [adult swim]'s Metalocalypse, created by Brendon Small and Tommy Blacha. Pickles is played by loveyourflyingv who does not own this character or profit from the use of him in any monetary way. This player is over the age of eighteen. None of the character's actions taken in this journal and subsequest RPs for omg_adultswim are endorsed or backed by [adult swim], Cartoon Network, Williams Street, or Small and Blacha.